Texas Completes

 About the Texas Completes Cadre

Texas Completes offers a unique opportunity in a large system, it has knitted together a network of colleges and districts that can help turn the tide on the achievement gap. Our work is purposeful in that our aim is to create barrier-free pathways to an associate’s degree attainment and to further inspire our students to transfer successfully into a 4 year institution and/or enter directly into the global workforce.

Our priority change areas include revisiting and restructuring practices in: curriculum standards, academic advising, and developmental education.

It is the cadre’s mission to coordinate innovation around core educational processes to foster student success. Together, the cadre is poised to create best practices that can be shared around the state of Texas and in the near future, presented and recommended for implementation around the nation.

For more comprehensive information on TEXAS COMPLETES please visit the main page at: www.texascompletes.com


 Institutional Partners

The Texas Completes cadre brings together eight college systems:

Alamo Colleges Austin Community College Dallas County Community College District El Paso Community College
Kilgore College Lone Star College System Odessa College South Texas College

 Policy Makers

Educate Texas Texas Association of Community Colleges The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's

 EPCC & Texas Completes

The EPCC Texas Completes team provides a level of professional expertise to the cadre that is centered and driven by advocates of student success. Together, we bring several decades of experience in the areas of student services, instruction, information technology and institutional research to the Texas Completes Initiative. Each team member is appointed by our college President. Our primary role is to serve as EPCC representatives at local, state, and national Texas Completes events and activities.

Our purpose is to support and drive the degree completion agenda by way of the various student success initiatives at El Paso Community College, as designated by the goals and objectives established by Texas Completes. Our representation is not limited to participation and support of current student success initiatives; we are also positioned to participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of new innovations to student success and educational reform.

For additional information, regarding EPCC Texas Completes, please contact any of the following team members.

Core Team:

  • Marisa Pierce
    Initiative Liaison
  • Abraham Hubail 
    Technology Resource
  • Dr. Carol Kay
    Institutional Research (Data Lead)

Supporting Roles:

  • Lucy Michal
  • Ivette Chuca
  • Margie Nelson
  • Sandra Lujan
    Early Alert


 Annual Summit / Institute

Completion Summit 2015

Date: TBD

Location: TBD


 State Cadre Meetings

April 7th - 9th, 2015

Location: TBD


 EPCC District Meetings

Details forthcoming

 EPCC Completion Events