VP of Student Services




 Student Responsibilities


In all aspects of student life, the student body collectively and individually has the responsibility of participation as citizens of the academic community in a mature fashion. Students must not confuse liberty with license. In voluntarily enrolling at the College, students have the responsibility to comply with all state and college regulations governing student conduct and academic affairs. Students assume responsibility for their behavior and acknowledge and share the following responsibilities.


  1. All students are responsible for showing respect and for accepting the authority of the faculty, and District officials.

  2. All students are required to report any change in their legal address and/or legal name at the beginning of each enrollment period to the Admissions and Registrar’s Office.

  3. All students are responsible for knowing and obeying all college policies and regulations, this applies to students attending classes or participating in educational activities on District Property and at all college-sponsored events on or off campus to include but not limited to clinical sites, distance learning activities and college sponsored trips.

  4. All students are responsible for the consequences of their behavior.

  5. All students will be held responsible for all fees, textbooks, fines or other financial obligations which they have incurred. Failure to comply may result in termination of enrollment and/or a hold being placed against future registration and the release of grades, diploma and transcripts.

  6. Students must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common-sense precautions.

  7. Students are responsible for reviewing, understanding and abiding by the colleges regulations, procedures, requirements, and deadlines as described in official publications, including the college catalog/schedule, EPCC websites and official college e-mail communications.

  8. Students must understand that while education is a shared activity, the ultimate responsibility for learning rests with the students' motivation and abilities.

  9. Students are responsible, collectively and individually, for allowing other students to continue their pursuit of education. Students must refrain from interfering with the rights of other student in their educational pursuit or with employees in the exercise of their duties.

  10. When approaching the administration about any matter, students must go through established channel of communication and authority.


The enumeration of the above rights and responsibilities shall in no way be interpreted as being all-inclusive and denying the existence of other rights and responsibilities which a student holds as a student or citizen.