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College Level Examination Program (CLEP):

CLEP Tests Website

EPCC CLEP Course Equivalency Guide (PDF)


CLEP for Military & Veterans

EPCC CLEP Registration Form (PDF)


DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST):

DSST Website

EPCC DSST Credit Guide (PDF)

CLEP/DSST Test Appointment for Military Personnel and Civilians (PDF)

EPCC Proficiency Examinations:

EPCC Proficiency Exam Process (PDF)

EPCC Proficiency Exam List (PDF)


EPCC Proficiency Exam Application Form  (PDF)

Proficiency Exam Submission & Dean Approval Form (PDF)


EPCC offers several ways that you can earn college credit by exam and Testing Services can help you by administering a variety of credit by exam tests.

CLEP and DSST test are nationally standardized tests recognized by institutions of higher education across the nation. EPCC Proficiency Exams  are locally developed tests where you can demonstrate your knowledge of EPCC specialized courses. EPCC is a military friendly test center and provides CLEP testing at the Valle Verde Test Center to support Fort Bliss military personnel.

Before taking any credit by exam test, you should always consult with your counselor/advisor to insure that the test will support your Degree Plan. The EPCC Admissions/Evaluations office at 831-2264 can advise you on the most current credit awarded by EPCC for CLEP or DSST tests.

If you are taking CLEP or DSST tests for another educational institution, you should check with them first (before testing) to find out what their credit by exam policies and procedures are and the minimum score you need to earn credit.

Take time to explore all the options offered by EPCC to earn credit by exam. Review your Degree Plan and compare the courses you need to our credit by exam lists. You might be able to save yourself time and tuition dollars and earn your college degree faster!

Good luck on your efforts to earn credit by exam!

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