Tenure Committee

 Tenure Review Process


To establish guidelines for recommending the granting of tenure to probationary faculty who have completed five consecutive academic years of exemplary job performance and service to the college.

Tenure Committee Charge

The President will appoint the Tenure Committee based on the College Procedure on Committees ( Committees). The Tenure Committee will convene for the purpose of reviewing the tenure application materials, interviewing candidates and their respective supervisors with consideration as to the criteria outlined in Section VII of the Tenure Review Procedure (

Tenure Review Process Forms

The Tenure Review Process Forms and instructions on the accompanying pages will be used for the Tenure Review Process.

Tenure Requests

If you need a copy of your Faculty Development Transcript:

For confirmation of your attendance at workshops and training sessions, email the Central Training Repository at CTR@epcc.edu. If you have questions, call the Technology Resource Center at 831-2013.

For confirmation of workshops you have presented, contact Ana Resendez at AnaR@epcc.edu or 831-2201.

Send the email from your outlook account and provide your name and ID# in the body.

 Fifth Year Tenure Process

2018-2019 5th Year Calendar of Events.pdf2018-2019 5th Year Calendar of Events
TenureReviewandRecommendations.2.pdfCollege Procedure Tenure Review and Recommendations
TeachingFacultyTenureCriterionSpecifications.pdfTenure Criterion Specifications for Teaching Faculty
CounselingFacultyTenureCriterionSpecifications.pdfTenure Criterion Specifications for Counseling Faculty
LibraryFacultyTenureCriterionSpecifications.pdfTenure Criterion Specifications for Library Faculty
PeerReviewCommitteeEvaluationForm_TeachingFaculty.pdfPeer Review Committee Evaluation Form-Teaching Faculty
PeerReviewCommitteeEvaluationForm_CounselingFaculty.pdfPeer Review Committee Evaluation Form-Counseling Faculty
PeerReviewCommitteeEvaluationForm_LibrarianFaculty.pdfPeer Review Committee Evaluation Form-Librarian Faculty
FifthYearPeerReviewCommitteeRecommendation.pdfFifth Year Peer Review Committee Recommendation
AdministrativeTenureRecommendation_FifthYear.pdfAdministrative Tenure Recommendation Fifth Year
Additional_Notes_5thYr.pdfAdditional Notes

 Third Year Tenure Process

2018-2019 3rd Year Calendar of Events.pdf2018-2019 3rd Year Calendar of Events
TenureReviewandRecommendations.pdfCollege Procedure Tenure Review and Recommendations
TeachingFacultyTenureCriterionSpecifications2.pdfTenure Criterion Specifications for Teaching Faculty
Tenure_Criterion_Specifications_for_Counseling_Faculty.pdfTenure Criterion Specifications for Counseling Faculty
Tenure_Criterion_Library_Faculty_3rdYr.pdfTenure Criterion Specifications for Library Faculty
Progress_Report_Form1_3rdYr.pdfCandidate's Third Year Progress Report for Tenure Track Faculty (Form#1)
Individual_Peer_Review_Committee_Form2_3rdYr.pdfThird Year Individual Peer Review Committee Evaluation (Form#2)
Peer_Review_Committee_Form3_3rdYr.pdfThird Year Peer Review Committee Recommendation (Form#3)
Admin_Progress_Report_Form4_3rdYr.pdfThird Year Administrative Progress Report (Form #4)
Additional_Notes_3rdYr.pdfAdditional Notes