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Congratulations To Our New Cohort:

Acosta, Lori, Arreola, Andria, Barakat, Richard, de la Canal, Sandra, Dominguez, Cristina, Enriquez, John, Gaither, Portia, Legarreta, Stephanie, Martinez, Sarah N., Melia, Carrie, Minott, Eugenie, Morgan-Thornton, Anji, Munoz, Reyna, Nickerson, Jonathan, Nosbisch, Robert, Pena, Ana M., Prado, Tracey, Rosales, Jennifer, Sivils, Jeffrey, Sosa, Armando, Vazquez, Lydia, Walker, Ira

A special thank you and winner of the TA Recruitment Contest goes out to Gail Meagher,
Dean of Nursing, Rio Grande Campus El Paso Community College.
Thank you Dean Meagher for all of your continuous support of the Teachership Academy.


The Teachership Academy proudly presents


**Teachership Academy Journal of Action Research**
The Official Journal of the El Paso Community College Teachership Academy!
Submission begins May 1, 2016
Please visit our T.A.J.A.R website for more information!

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 TA cohort graduates! Great Job!

Michael Duncan, Melissa Esmacher, Alexandra Hinojosa, Scott Mann, Robert Moreno, Ruth Ann Ordaz, Enrique Quintana, Laila Rajabi, Phuong Ramirez, Sotero Ramirez and Patrick Rosser.


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Congrats to our Graduates!


El Paso Community College's Teachership Academy is a ten-month professional developmental program designed to provide faculty a cohort experience while focusing on Teaching and Learning and providing them the opportunity to implement what they have learned through an Action Research Project conducted in their classes as the culmination of the Academy experience. The goals of this Academy are to:

  1. Enhance teaching skills for participants.
  2. Enhance the learning of participants' students.
  3. Prepare Academy Graduates to become Mentor teachers who serve to assist other faculty at the college with their instructional and developmental needs.

 Special Announcements

We are pleased to announce that the Community College Times has posted an article on the Teachership Academy. “The great work being done by the TA Steering Committee has resulted in great success with the faculty participants at EPCC and now has also put this program on the national radar as well,” says Dr. Lydia Tena. A job well done!

Congratulations to Phase I & II 2015 Graduates

 Principle Elements

  • Workshops and other events will offer ideas/strategies to enhance teaching and learning of students.

  • Participants will conduct an Action Research Project (PDF) that examines how their teaching strategies impact student learning. For examples of how these projects are being developed click on the EPCC Action Research link located in the right pane of this site.

  • Participants will learn as a cohort allowing for collaboration and discussion of best practice.

  • Upon graduation from the Academy each participant will be designated as a Mentor teacher and will assist new faculty with their instructional and developmental needs.

  • Faculty Development credits for the academic year will be earned by each participant.

  • Fulltime and adjunct faculty are eligible to participate in the Academy.

  • Apply for the Academy using the Teachership Academy Application.

 TA National Presentations and Awards



Awards and Recognitions

  • Achieving the Dream Best Practice Designation, 2011
  • Recognized by Community College Times, 2011
  • NCIA Honorable Mention Award, 2012-2013

 Contact Information

For information about the academy, contact the TA committee

Oscar Baeza, 831-2340, obaeza1@epcc.edu, VV

Pat Duran, 831-7092, pduran20@epcc.edu, MDP

Mary Ervin, mervin2@epcc.ed, NW

Dr. Rebecca Escamilla, 831-8816, rmarin20@epcc.edu, NW

Alvino Hernandez, 831-4516, aherna21@epcc.edu, RG

Rudy Hernandez, 831-8903, rhern357@epcc.edu, NW

Dr. Audrey Hernando, 831-8851, aherna47@epcc.edu, NW

Paul Hotchkin, 831-8943, photchki@epcc.edu, NW

Ivan Iniguez, 831-8872, iinigue1@epcc.edu, NW

Dr. Jose Pacheco-Lucero, 831-8836, jpache78@epcc.edu, NW

Dr. Hilda Taylor, 831-8921, hildautep@hotmail.com, NW

Eddie Urquidi, eurquid3@epcc.edu, RG

Dr. Miguel Vasquez, 831-7151, mvasq255@epcc.edu, MDP

Tracy VonMaluski, 831-7044, tvonmalu@epcc.edu, MDP

Dr. Barbara Yancy-Tooks, 831-8942, byancyto@epcc.edu, NW


Administrative Liaison

Dr. Lydia Tena

Northwest Campus

(915) 831-8859

Email: lpere121@epcc.edu

Send TA Applications to:

Oscar Baeza

Valle Verde Library C 206