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 How to Enroll

New Students:

  1. Go to the ApplyTexas Website, create an account, and submit an application online.
  2. Have your official transcripts sent to the EPCC Admissions Department. Transcripts must be sent directly to El Paso Community College from the other school(s).  Transcript Request Form (PDF)
  3. Every new first-time entering student must take a placement assessment test prior to enrolling at EPCC.
  4. Attend a New Student Orientation session and meet with an academic counselor to select a course of study and register for classes.

All Students:

  1. Use the EPCC User ID that was provided to you during the admission process to register for courses online.


You must be admitted as a student before you can register.  To become a student, click learn more for your application, forms and information.


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New EPCC students must have their official high school, GED, or college transcripts sent to the EPCC Admissions and Registration Department. To be considered “official”, transcripts must be sent directly to EPCC from the other school(s) to the following address:


EPCC Admissions and Registration Department

P.O. Box 20500

El Paso, Texas 79998


To request transcripts from other institutions:
Transcript Request Form (PDF)

To request an EPCC Official Transcript:
EPCC Official Transcript Instructions

 Transfer to EPCC

Every student coming from another college or university must either take a placement assessment test and/or have transcripts evaluated for appropriate placement into courses.


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 Distance Education Course Drop Procedure

You may fax a request to withdraw from a course(s) by printing your Name, EPCC ID #, Course(s) Name, Course(s) Number, and Section Number(s), last date attended (which may include submitted work/accessed course), date of your drop request, and your signature to 915-831-2161.


Or you can send the same information using your EPCC e-mail account to As an EPCC student, you are responsible for protecting your login and password.




 Admissions & Registration Forms


Once you are admitted, you'll be provided with a EPCC ID number.  Click the link below to register for classes via the online Banner System, and to get information about class schedules, course catalogs, counseling, tuition and more.


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 Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates for credit courses are established on the basis of your state residence status.  Find out more about how to pay for your education.


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 Student Initiated Drop Procedure

It is your responsibility to officially drop from any class you are no longer attending. You may complete the process in person by filling out the Student Initiated Drop Form (SIDF) making sure to get the required signatures (i.e. instructor and counselor).

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