Texas Success Initiative

What the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program is:

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) was mandated by the State Legislature effective Fall 2003. It requires testing, remediation and advising of all students who attend a public college or university in Texas. The program assesses a student's basic academic skills in performing effectively in college-level course work.

Who Must Be Assessed?
Every new first-time entering student must take a placement assessment test prior to enrolling at EPCC and every student transferring from another college or university must either take a placement assessment and/or have transcripts evaluated for appropriate placement into courses.

What If You Do Not Place Into College-Level Courses?

You must participate in a remediation program to prepare you for college-level coursework. Until you have completed the developmental sequence, you must be advised by a counselor prior to enrolling each semester. You may re-take the test to try to place into college-level courses in lieu of completing the developmental courses