SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity College)

El Paso Community College has been designated a “Servicemembers Opportunity College” by the American Association of Community Colleges and the U.S. Department of Defense which have established the criteria for the admissions, residence and course requirements. Only active duty military personnel and their family members are eligible for enrollment in the SOC Program.

At least 25% of college level coursework toward your degree must be completed at EPCC.

The remaining credits required for completion of your degree program may be earned in the following ways:


  • College credits earned through other regionally accredited institutions may be transferred to the College.
  • Semester credit hours may be earned through successful completion of College Level Examination Program (CLEP) General and Subject Examination and DANTES Standardized Subject Tests except where state statutes apply.
  • Courses completed through USAFI will be accepted, following the recommendations of the American Council on Education, if the courses are appropriate to your EPCC program of study or as elective credit, except where state statutes apply.
  • Military service schools, military occupational specialty (MOS), and Naval Enlisted Rating (NER) credits will be awarded following ACE recommendations. Such credits can be applied to a specific EPCC program of study or as elective credit, except where state statutes apply.
  • Credit for successful completion of institutional challenge examinations may be given. EPCC challenge exams do not satisfy the requirement for 25% of degree work completed in residence.

Counseling for service members is available at any campus or on-post through the Army Education Centers.

To complete a SOC application and evaluation, submit all necessary documents, including a certified copy of the DA Form 2-1/2A for Army personnel requesting an evaluation for military experience, and all official transcripts to the Education Center at Fort Bliss or the EPCC Fort Bliss Center. Whenever possible, you should submit an official AARTS transcript. An evaluation of records will be made through the EPCC Fort Bliss Center.

If you are transferred from El Paso before you complete your degree, you may continue to pursue your degree by meeting the following requirements:


  • Complete a minimum of 25% of the course requirements toward the degree in residence at EPCC through distance education courses offered by EPCC.
  • Earn credit from other accredited institutions for transfer to EPCC. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to EPCC.
  • Complete the remaining courses for an associate degree through a non-traditional mode. Official documentation of this training or education should be forwarded to the EPCC Fort Bliss Center.
  • Apply for graduation.

 Servicemembers Opportunity College Associate Degree Program:

SOCAD is the Servicemembers Opportunity College Associate Degree Program for military personnel, provided by cooperating networks of civilian colleges and military installations. Active duty servicemembers earn college credits for skills and knowledge acquired in the armed forces and may obtain an associate degree.

The SOCAD networks which are part of the S.O.C programs, with their common curriculum, make it easier for servicemembers to enroll in college courses, to obtain college credit for skill, experience and knowledge and to complete a degree even though military requirements require frequent relocations.

Military personnel and/or their family members are eligible to enroll in the SOCAD Program by complying with admissions requirements.

For more information about the SOCAD Program, contact the Education Center at Fort Bliss or an academic counselor at the EPCC Fort Bliss Center.