Requesting an EPCC Official Transcript

Request for EPCC Official Transcripts must be made in writing to the Admissions and Registration Office by the student.

Transcripts will not be released to third parties without specific written authorization signed by the student.

The College will normally issue transcripts within 48 hours after the request is received by the transcript department.

Request to be picked up at any campus other than Valle Verde may take up to 4 days to process.

When requesting a transcript, please include your name, social security number, date of birth, current phone number, current address, the approximate date of attendance, and the address where you would like the transcript sent. Please sign your request.

Transcripts may be requested as follows:

  1. You can request an official transcript in person at any campus.

  2. You may also mail your request to:

  3. El Paso Community College
    Admissions & Registration Office
    P.O. Box 20500
    El Paso, TX  79998

  4. Or you can fax your written request to (915) 831-3125. We do not accept transcript requests via  email or phone.


For more information, please call (915) 831-2282 or email


EPCC Official Transcript Form (PDF)