Proficiency Exams

Contact Testing Services for information about which courses have proficiency exams available and the process for applying to take these exams.

Things to Consider:

  1. Check with an academic counselor before applying for a proficiency exam. If you plan to transfer to a four-year university, you should find out if that school will accept the institutional proficiency exam credit for that field of study.
  2. You should take any proficiency exams before registration for classes to save on add/drop and late registration fees. If you enroll for a course and then decide to challenge it so you can enroll in a higher level course in the same semester, the proficiency exam must be completed before the census date.
  3. A course may be challenged only one time. If you attempt to challenge a course and do not receive credit, then you have to enroll in that course to receive credit. You cannot take a proficiency exam for a course that you enrolled in but did not complete.

Contact Testing Services for complete information about proficiency examinations.

NOTE: If your degree plan requires six credit hours of Political Science or six credit hours of History, you are required by Texas statute to take at least three credit hours through classroom experience.