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Entry into some Health Career and Nursing programs is competitive. Acceptance is determined by individual academic performance based on a competitive ranking. The ranking is a two-part process. First, students apply for admission for a desired health program and meet a series of general and required criteria established by the program. Second, students who satisfy all general and program specific requirements are competitively ranked. Rank order is based on points from a formula that uses current assessment and most recent grades in ranking course work from the degree plan. The program coordinator and Dean determine the program specific requirements, official ranking dates, cut off scores mandatory and ranking courses. The ranking requirements will vary depending upon the semester the program begins. The requirements for ranking are reviewed annually and are subject to revisions for each ranking date.

All applicants for competitive specialized health career programs must; be fully accepted by EPCC as an academic credit student, complete a Health Careers Orientation session, pay the specialized admissions application fee, submit a Health Careers Specialized Admission Application to the Admissions Office at the Valle Verde Campus, maintain above a minimum EPCC cumulative GPA as set by the discipline, submit an official high school transcript or GED scores and all official college transcripts (PDF) (transliteration of all foreign coursework required), meet assessment cut off scores, mandatory courses and program specific requirements. Applicant must also complete pre- and post-program requirements that may include background clearances, substance abuse screening, current physical examinations and immunizations, CPR certification, First Aid Certification, and/or attendance of program specific orientations etc. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to submit all required documentation to allow for normal processing. Normal processing can take place in a few days or a few months depending on document type and individual circumstances. It is not reasonable to expect that the student will be ranked if documentation is not submitted in a timely manner. Applicants must ensure that their records, including contact information, are up to date at all times. Applicants are required to check their college e-mail account regularly.

All applicants must meet current eligibility requirements for each ranking. This includes the pre-program specific criteria, mandatory courses and ranking courses as determined by the individual programs. Applicants are not locked into a catalog year until officially accepted into a program. Official ranking dates will vary for each program depending upon which semester the program actually begins. Review the catalog and see a designated health counselor for current information.

*Note: Students must meet with Health Career Counselors to ensure their application status is current and correct.

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