Cap and Gown Information

  • For special orders on cap and gown contact the EPCC bookstore at (915) 831-3269.
  • Traditional black gown will be worn by all graduates and may not be altered, modified or decorated in any way.
  • Decoration of the cap guidelines: We would ask that you be respectful of the solemn nature of the ceremony when choosing decorations for your cap. The only restrictions are that the decoration not seriously alter the profile or size of the mortarboard and offensive or provocative language is strictly prohibited.
  • Use CAUTION! In selecting your graduation footwear. You will be required to stand for periods of time, walk distances, and use stairs/ramps.
  • Candidates will wear tassels on the right side.

Note: Caps and gowns are to be ordered at any of the EPCC Bookstore locations starting Monday, October 1, 2018 for $43.99 plus tax. (All gowns are black and the tassels are teal.)

Additional EPCC Bookstore information on graduation announcement, invitations, class rings, and diploma frames contact the bookstore at (915) 831-3269.