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Recycling Program LogoWelcome to the EPCC Recycling web site. The purpose of our site is to educate people about recycling issues and also to promote a cleaner environment. Please team up with us and take part in this important program by depositing your recyclables (paper, plastic, aluminum cans and cardboard) into the bright blue bins.


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 Green Tip of the Week

Do you see the light? EPCC spends an average of $7,200 every day on electricity. Save the environment, energy, and the budget. Turn the lights off in classrooms and offices when you leave. You can make a difference!

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What do EPCC people think about Recycling?

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If you need a recycling bin(s) for your work area please submit this form.

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Would you like to learn more about Recycling?

The recycling coordinator offers a recycling presentation that could last from 10 to 30 minutes. Learn more about how to discard recyclables in the appropriate bin and how to make EPCC greener.

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 Contact Information

Korina Navarro

Environmental Specialist

Phone: (915) 831-7799 or (915) 497-4468