Recycle Program

 EPCC Recycling Quotes

Ada ConchaStaff“I think we all should go green. We can do little things such as recycle and make a huge difference.”
Aide MartinezStudent“Debemos reciclar para cuidar el medio ambiente.”
Ana ResendezStaff“I love to recycle because it helps the environment and at the same time the college is saving money!”
Art GonzalezFaculty“Recycling is better for the Earth because we save landfill space and we can reuse things! We need to plan for our kids’ future.”
Dr. Julie PenleyFaculty“It is wonderful that we got the Recycling Program. It’s a long time coming. I used to take my recyclables home. I was so excited to get our little blue bin!”
Erin M. McCannFaculty“I was static and happy when the recycling bin showed up. I support the EPCC Recycling Program 100%. It’s something that has to be done! There is no choice. It is a priority in our world.”
Irene Rocio & Nereida De AvilaStudent“It’s better to recycle because, instead of using new resources, we are reusing them. Also, we help to keep our streets clean.”
Isa ValdezStudent“We have to start caring about our planet. That is why we should recycle.”
Ivan GarciaStudent“We should recycle because it’s worth it!”
Leon BlevinsFaculty“I want YOU to recycle!”
Maria NoelStaff“We should recycle for our children. We need to be a good example for them.”
Michael SilvaFaculty“Recycling is good for everybody!”
Richard BaqueraFaculty“I used to keep my recyclables and take them home. Now it is more convenient with the EPCC Recycling Program. There is no excuse to not recycle anymore.”
Ruth PenaFaculty“There is a lot of trash in our landfills that poison and contaminate our planet. Most of this “trash” is recyclable. I am happy because now we are able to recycle it at the college.”
Salvador RubioStaff“It is wonderful to have the recycling program. It should have been implemented a long time ago and we need to educate more of our students about it because they are our future.”
Saul CandelasStaff“Why shouldn’t we recycle? To talk is good, to act is better!”