Recycle Program


The EPCC Recycling Program initially started as a project of the EPCC Student Leadership Program. Four students, (Mayra Cordero, Terese Mailhot, Adriana Nevarez and Martha Octuna) formed the committee in charge of creating an initiative to start recycling on campus. These students started by placing two recycling bins (provided by Master Fibers Inc.) in front of the Campus Life Department offices at Valle Verde Campus. The outcomes of this small project were tracked and eventually presented to EPCC president Dr. Richard Rhodes at the end of fall 2008.

After the presentation, Mayra Cordero continued to track the research and further developed the project. With the help of Juan Flores (who at that time was manager of the Property Management Control Department), 30 additional recycling bins were purchased in order to implement a pilot recycling program at the Americana Language Village located at the Valle Verde Campus. In order to provide support for the recycling program, the EPCC Eco-Club was created by Ms. Cordero. The club took over the responsibilities of the educational process and collection of recyclables.

In spring of 2009, EPCC administration committed to the development of a college supported recycling program. The charge for the creation of this program was assigned to the EPCC Physical Plant. At this time a committee consisting of Ms. Cordero, Arvis Jones (director of Student Leadership and Campus Life), Rick Lobato (director of Physical Plant), Richard Chavez (manager of Maintenance Support Services), Israel Banuelas (coordinator of Janitorial Service), and Octavio Gonzalez (account manager of GCA Services) was formed. This committee visited many other sites with established recycling programs in order to find out how to best set up a successful recycling program. Some of these sites were, Friedman Recycling, Commercial Metals Plant, UTEP Recycling Program, and Ysleta ISD Central Office.

The outcomes of the America Language pilot and the information obtained from the research by the committee were presented to former President Dr. Richard Rhodes on May 12th, 2009. At this time it was decided that the EPCC Recycling Program would be started at the Valle Verde Campus and the Administrate Service Center. A budget request was developed and approved for the purchase of recycling bins for these areas.

The decision to partner with Friedman Recycling (the same company that the city has for the collection of recyclables) was made because the single source collection that they are able to provide would save EPCC the cost and trouble of sorting recycling material as well as storage. Friedman is also a member of Region 19 which allows EPCC to make use of the same contract that the city of El Paso and the other local school districts are using.

The EPCC Pilot Recycling Program started at Valle Verde and ASC on September 1st, 2009. These campuses were the first step for the EPCC Recycling Program. This program is now at all six EPCC campuses and two other locations, and allows EPCC to do our part in keeping our planet clean.

The process of implementing the Recycling Program has not been easy, but it has been worth it every step of the way. Please team up with us and take part in this important program by depositing your recyclables (paper, plastic, aluminum cans and cardboard) into the bright blue bins.