Mission and Vision

Recruitment Mission Statement

"The Office of Recruitment and School Relations endeavors to increase enrollment of prospective students within our global community by the direct promotion and strategic use of EPCC resources."

Recruitment: involves a deep understanding of Education and a passionate commitment to increasing educational opportunities for the global community. It entails the provision of motional/informative high school classroom presentations as well as participation in special activities which include addressing drop out issues, assisting the "at risk" student population, promoting the Early Admission and Honors Program, and transfer seminars. It involves participation in custom-tailored programs designed to include parents of prospective students in the college planning process. The department works with educational, business, and community organizations to achieve their goals.

  • Outreach/Program Marketing to Targeted Populations: the outreach function focuses on program participation with students of all levels (juniors, sophomores and freshmen) to include elementary, and middle school students. Its purpose is to bring awareness to these programs/services through dynamic presentations.

  • Coordination of College Week Activities: The College Week Program is a major endeavor involving the concerted efforts of EPCC, UTEP, and the area independent school districts in inviting college and university representatives from throughout the United States to promote its many excellent academic programs to the global community.

  • Annual Presidential Letter Mass Mail-out to Graduating Senior: Approximately 10-11,000 letters mailed out to area graduating seniors in an effort to welcome prospective EPCC students. The mailing includes pertinent information on students services provided for registration and enrollment.

  • Partners in Education Liaisons: This office coordinates the Partners in Education Liaisons between the EPCC resources and area schools.

  • Special Saturday Activities for Requesting Entities: A wide spectrum of program presentations to adult specialty groups and prospective student populations, i.e., ESL, students with disabilities and Jr. ROTC students.

  • Campus Tours to All Requesting Entities: Students, Teachers, and Community members are provided with a walking tour/explanation of a variety of EPCC area and resources.

  • Career Fairs at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools plus Community Organization and Local Businesses: These fairs entail the promotion of the excellent academic and career programs as well as services being offered at El Paso Community College to all schools and the community-at-large. Process Requests For General EPCC Information to Prospective Students: This office is responsible for processing the high volume of telephonic, electronic, and written requests for general EPCC information (approximately 500 per month)