Office of Recruitment & School Relations

 Community Partners

The Office of Recruitment & School Relations is proud to help the community out by providing information to everyone who is interested in continuing their education. We have worked with several groups and we have taken the liberty to list them and provide a general phone number if you ever wish to contact them.

  • American G.I. Forum
  • Border Patrol
  • Boys & Girls Club of El Paso
  • Candlelighters
  • City of El Paso
  • County of El Paso
  • C.R.T.C. (Court Residential Treatment Center)
  • Customs & Border Protection
  • Del Sol Medical Center
  • DWI/Drug Court Intervention – Judge Anchondo County Criminal Court #2
  • El Paso County Sheriff’s Department
  • El Paso Electric
  • El Paso Public Libraries
  • F.C.I. La Tuna
  • I.S.T.F. (Intermediate Sanction Treatment Center)
  • La Fe
  • Naval/Marine Reserves
  • Opportunity Center
  • Pride Center
  • Project Vida
  • R.S.A.T. (Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center)
  • Sierra Providence
  • T.C.P. (Therapeutic Community Program)
  • U.S. Army Sgt. Major Academy
  • UPS
  • Volar Center for Independent Living