Records Management

 What is a Retention Schedule?

A retention schedule is a document listing all the titles of the records series, length of time each document or record will be retained as an active record, the reason for its retention (administrative, legal, fiscal, and historical) and disposition agreed by the user, receiver, and Records Director and Records Retention committee.  A clearly defined plan for a record retention and disposal is a vital component of a records program.


 The Scheduling Process

A retention schedule is a policy document that is created by the Records Director and the department the record is used by (owner). It is reviewed typically once a year to verify that the current retention decisions should remain in effect. The following is the information is on the retention schedule:


  • Record series names
  • Series description
  • Retention period (based on material date)
  • Disposition methods
  • Approval dates for each series

Once the Department Head, Liaison, and the Records Director have reached agreement on the retention schedule for all stored material, the retention schedule is verified and signed by both parties.


 Records Retention Committee

The purpose for the Records Retention Committee is to provide guidance for the Records Director for establishing and operating a retention and disposition program as a component for records management program covering:


  • Periods of time for records to be maintained
  • Appropriate methods for disposition of records
  • Measures to be taken when a record disposition must be suspended due to litigation or audit


 Texas State Library

The Retention Schedule is submitted for filing pursuant to Local Government Code 203.041.   The attached document has been approved according to the ordinance, order, or plan of the local government for which the Records Management Officer will certify that the administrative rules for electronic records, adopted under Local Government Code 205.003(a), will be followed for records subject to the rules.


El Paso Community College records schedules are available on the Records Management web-site.