Records Management

 What is Records Management?

Records Management


Records Management is a wide-ranging management discipline.  It ensures that our institution is compliant with all the laws that affect its operations, students and staff. Other requisites are best practices of information and records to long term preservation of electronic data, and the selection of records for eventual inclusion in the historical archive of our institution.  Our goal is bringing a consistent approach to records keeping and imaging practices, freeing up valuable office space from record storage, and ensuring that the retention of records created by all departments is compliant with laws and regulations concerning the management of records. 

Our program provides a variety of services:


  • Inactive records storage and maintenance in a secured warehouse.
  • Records retrieval and pick-up service.
  • Retention and disposition scheduling.
  • Secure disposition of outdated records and documentation.
  • In-office consulting on records systems.
  • Planning, support and conversion for digital recordkeeping.
  • Institution-wide guidance on all aspects of record keeping practice.


Records Management is committed to serve our students, faculty and staff with the most efficient technical methods to best serve your needs, while protecting the institution from legal and fiscal liability. 

For further information regarding records management responsibilities read the Records Management Policy and Procedure: (PDF)