Records Management

 Access To The Warehouse

Records have various stages of activity.  Records that are still required, but are not frequently accessed are considered inactive records and are usually sent to storage for the remainder of their life span.  This requires a system to access those records quickly, easily, and accurately when they are required by the user.  We use a bar-coding system to store, track, and check-in/check-out and create reports.  The warehouse is a temperature controlled, cost efficient center designed to store inactive records until their retention period has expired and the records can be either destroyed in accordance with records management procedures, and legal mandates, or kept for historical purposes.  The warehouse operation shall insure the security of records from deterioration, theft, pest, damage or unauthorized access of those records during the period of storage and to permit timely, efficient retrieval of those stored records. 


 Procedures For The Warehouse

The Records Management warehouse is secured and restricted.   Persons wishing to check-out or pick-up records must be a department liaison.  They must state the purpose of their visit, present a college ID, and sign in and sign out of the warehouse with the time and date of the visit.  They will be escorted to the area by a records clerk.  If someone outside of that department needs to view a record, the department head shall check out that record and they can release it as they see fit. All persons picking up a record or those that have made arrangements to have their records delivered will sign for them before take possession.   For research purposes, the liaison shall follow the above procedures, and sign on the visitors list and will be escorted into the warehouse where a table and chairs are provided to conduct research.  No one will be permitted to pull their own records or go beyond the research station.


 How To Request A Record From The Warehouse

The records liaison may e-mail their request to Bonnie Prieto or Gus Luevano Please provide us with the record title, box number and file name (if you are only requesting a file from the box). 


 On Site Research

From time to time there may be a need for you or your staff to visit the warehouse for research through your records.  A research station is available for this type of work.  When you approach the warehouse, please be prepared to state the purpose of your visit, have your college ID and sign in.  You will be escorted into the warehouse.