Records Management

 Deciding When It Is Time To Store Records

This depends on how frequently you access those documents. Records Management suggests that you consider how frequently you access those documents, and weigh that against how much space they take up in office, and personnel space.


 Preparing To Store Records In The Warehouse

Proper preparation of those records before they are stored in the warehouse ensures fast and accurate retrieval when they are needed and disposed of in accordance with the Retention Schedule and Agency and Federal Regulations.


  • Always use the Records Retention Schedule that was customized for your department.
  • Prepare a transmittal documenting all records sent for storage. 
  • Use bankers’ boxes provided by the records management department.  

 Packing The Bankers Boxes With Records

The packing guidelines are printed on the records transmittal for your convenience.

  • Use Records Management boxes only.
  • Include a records transmittal with all records sent to storage. This form is critical and no boxes will be accepted without it. Complete and careful completion of this form is very important to ensure accurate access, retention and disposition of your records.  Copies of this form can be downloaded from this website. Attaching an itemization of contents is helpful.
  • Number each box to correspond with items listed on the transmittal.
  • Records with different records titles should not be packed in the same box. A separate transmittal is required for each title.  Records Management will not accept a box with mixed records titles.
  • Correct record title is required to ensure proper retrieval.  If assistance is needed call the Records Director at 831-6321.
  • All material must be packed in sequential order (i.e. alpha, numerical, date, etc.) Heavy binders and rubber band are strongly discouraged.  If the box becomes too heavy, it creates a safety hazard; the box may break tumbling all of the contents of the box. Rubber bands break and dry out; the files will get mixed with others.  Please call the Records Director who can arrange to have string sent to you.
  • Leave 1-1/2 clearance to facilitate retrieval and refilling.
  • You will need to order approximately 2 boxes for each full file drawer.
  • Do not send Pendaflex hanging folders.  They eventually destroy the box, often within the first year of storage.  Use string to keep files together. 
  • Do not put any markings on the box.  Records Management is a secure facility.  Boxes have no labels other than the computer labels assigned. We will tape over any writing on the boxes. This is because in the event of a security breach, no material could be found by browsing the labels on the boxes.


When the boxes are ready to be sent to the warehouse, please email the form to Bonnie Prieto, copy Gus Luevano. They will usually be picked up within 24 working hours by Physical Plant.

 Indexing The Records Boxes When They Arrive In The Warehouse

When your records arrive to the warehouse, they undergo a process called indexing.  The Records Clerk will pull out the records control schedule that pertains to the department who sent records to be stored, and begins a check off list from transmittal form:


  • Verifies Name, phone number, and department.
  • Verifies the correct record number, record title and records description of the records.
  • Checks the correct number of boxes to the transmittal. 
  • Then, he begins to index the contents of the box against the information from the transmittal. If the user supplied an index sheet in the boxes, he will verify the contents to the index sheet.  If any files are missing, he will call the user.
  • Then the boxes will entered and stored into the warehouse bar-code system where it will be stored until requested or disposed.  


 Sending Material For Shredding

The College has a contract with a vendor to provide secure destruction of material. The warehouse has two shredding bins which are picked up once a week by the vendor for destruction.