Rio Grande Reading & Writing Center

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The Rio Grande & Reading Writing Center

Main Room A225

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Independent Study & Lab A112

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-1:00pm

Fridays: 9:00am-Noon

 Note for Students

Please take the time to read the policy statement. Students will be assisted on a first come/ first served basis, therefore it is important that you sign in, especially if your instructor gives credit for attendance. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of your assignment with a tutor. Pre-thinking your assignments, brainstorming, creating a plan, can save you time and anguish later. Remember, we are here for all your classes, not just English and Writing.


Please take note that we are not your instructors. Specific questions regarding specific assignments by individual instructors should be addressed to those instructors. We do not necessarily know each assignment’s guidelines.


Additional materials, handouts, Power Points, & references are available at the center.


 Writing Center Policies

The Reading & Writing Center

Rio Grande Campus


  1. The purpose of the Writing Center is to help students identify the weaknesses of their writing and assist them to remedy those problems. Students should bring a copy of the assignment guidelines so the tutors can offer specific advice.
  2. The tutors will assist the students with any phase of the assignment as long as it does not conflict with the instructor's policies. Tutors will NOT fill out peer review worksheets.
  3. The tutors are not editors; assignments will not be completed for the students. The students are responsible for their own while the tutors are there to provide guidance and answer questions.
  4. Non-writing homework (workbooks, grammar sheets) should be done outside the lab. Homework will not be corrected by the center's tutors.
  5. At peak periods a one-hour limit will be placed on computer usage, and a 30 minute limit will placed on tutoring time.
  7. Papers should be typed. However, if not required, please used lined paper and skip lines to make it more easily readable. If the paper has been worked on previously by peers or instructors, make the suggested changes and print out a new copy. Tutors will not comment on papers that already have suggestions that have not been addressed.
  8. The computers in the Writing Center are for school related work only. Headphones should be worn if accessing audio files. Print limit is 12 pages per day, or more with permission from tutors.
  9. Tutors will NOT assist students who are supposed to be in class. Students cannot drop off papers or bring papers that are not their own.
  10. If the student requires a stamp, or verification slip for attendance, it is their responsibility to let the tutor know. Papers will not be stamped 1 hour before they are due.
  11. The Writing Center is not a hang-out space. If you are not doing work or waiting to be helped please do not crowd the room.