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 Rnsg 2221 Leadership & Management

Rnsg 2221

Leadership & Management 

Professor Lillie T. Johnson, B.S.N., M.A.


Hello Future Nursing Professionals,


We are the tutors at the Rio Grande Campus Writing Center and we are here to try and help you through this. If we don't get a chance to visit your class, you will find many helpful tips in the attached handouts and links to other sources. You should still make it a point to visit the Writing Center for personal assistance. We realize that you are being challenged with regards to your schedules, but there is no substitute for personal "client care". In this case, you are the client.


At the bottom of this page you will find resources which you can download at home or school at your convenience. Please note that APA format is not recommended; it is REQUIRED in your chosen profession, so deal with it. You don't have to memorize it; it changes periodically, as all forms of communication must.


Please be advised that this assignment is NOT a formal APA research paper; it is an ISSUE PAPER. Your task is to research your given topic from BOTH SIDES of the ethical dilemma without bias, and to provide your audience (Ms. Johnson) with the arguments for and against the issue.


DO NOT DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE APA RESEARCH PAPER AND USE IT AS A FORMAT, except for in-text citation examples and such. Your paper needs to follow the outline provided in the handouts below. There is no abstract; there is no first person until the conclusion.


We suggest that you make an attempt to come to the center and talk with a tutor about your assigned topic before you begin, and READ THE HELPFUL NOTES HANDOUT BEFORE STARTING. Also, follow the Outline. This outline is specific for this assignment and gives some additional tips to assist you. Don't procrastinate - get started ASAP. Tip 1, don't bury yourself in research, you're not writing a book.


Don't wait until the last week, or heaven forbid, the Monday the paper is due before visiting us. 


We have been working with Lillie's students for a many years. All of the tutors in the center are highly qualified and are well versed in the APA format and this assignment. Feel free to get opinions from different tutors.


Good luck,


The Rio Grande Writing Center Tutors



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