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Parking and Traffic Citations

 Parking and Traffic Violations, Traffic Fines and Administrative Sanctions

The regulation of traffic enforcement by the EPCC Police Department within the El Paso County Community College District consists of the following categories: Parking Violations and Moving Violations.

 Parking Violations

The parking violations and their appropriate fines include, but are not limited to:

Minor Violations
Red Zone Parking
Loading Zone Parking
Crosswalk Parking
Fire Hydrant Parking
Handicapped Parking
Visitor Parking
Stop or Park at Sidewalk
Parking in Yellow or Striped Zone
College Vehicles Parking Only
Display Expired License Plate
Illegal Parking (not a parking space)
Improperly Parked (taking two spaces)
Boot Removal
Faculty and Staff Parking
No Parking Permit/Expired Parking Permit
Displaying (old) Expired Parking Permit(s)
Parking Permit Improperly Displayed
Expired Temporary Parking Pass
Parking Permit on Wrong Car
Fraudulent Use of Stolen Parking Permit
Tampering With Enforcement Device

 Due Process

Upon receipt of a parking or traffic violation citation, the recipient of the citation has ten (10) work days to make payment or request to appeal the citation.


A. Citation payment is made at any Campus Cashier Office.

The citation(s) must be submitted to the cashier with payment.


B. Individuals requesting an appeal of a citation should complete a "Traffic/Parking Citation Appeals" form within ten (10) work days from the date of the citation. The completed form must be returned to the EPCC Police Department; a hearing date will then be assigned. For additional information, refer to College procedure, Traffic Court Committee and Traffic Court Appeal Process.



Failure to pay a citation(s) by students will result

1. Prohibited to register

2. Have official record withheld

3.Tow of vehicle at owner's expense

 Moving Violations

Moving violations will be enforced with a warning or a citation being issued by the officers. Moving violations and fines include, but are not limited to the following:

Moving Violations/Other
Failed to Stop at Stop Sign
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way
Reckless Driving
UNR-Child 1-Safety Seat Required-under 4 yr. 36"
UNR-Child 2 - Safety Belt Required - 4 yrs. - 17 yrs.
Driving on Sidewalk
Failed to Yield at Intersection
Speeding - Unsafe
Striking Unattended Vehicle
Failed to Use Due Care at Pedestrian Zone
Illegal Turn
Driving One Way
Speeding at School Zone
Driving in the Wrong Direction of Arrow
Leaving Child Unattended in Vehicle
Operate Motorcycle Without Head Gear


Failure to pay a citation(s) by employees will result:

1. A non-payment notice will be sent to the employee and the employee's supervisor 30 calendar days after the citation has been issued. A final notice will be sent to the employee, the employee's supervisor, and the employee's vice president 30 calendar days after the issuance of the first non-payment notice.


2. Administrative actions may include:

a. Counseling Record

b. Written Reprimand

c. Performance Evaluation Notation

d. Non Re-Employment

e. Other Disciplinary Actions

f. If the employee is also a student, action (A) will also apply.


3. In addition, failure to properly resolve citations can result in suspension or revocation of all campus parking privileges and removal or booting of the employee's  vehicle from EPCC property at owner's expense.


C. Visitors who receive a citation on any  College campus can take the citation to any EPCC Police Department Office or the Traffic Office at the Valle Verde Campus and request the citation be voided. Or they can mail the ticket to the EPCC Police according to the instructions on the back of the ticket.