Police Department

 Key Control/Card Access

The El Paso Community College Police Department is responsible for the issuance of employee identification cards and necessary keys.


Key(s) may be requested by and El Paso Community College District employee in accordance with the guidelines that follow:

  • Building and room keys and afterhours access cards may be requested according to the individual's job responsibility or assignment by the supervisor.
  • Supervisors may request keys or access cards for buildings or rooms under their jurisdiction only.

 Institutional Rules

  • Individual to whom keys and identification/access cards have been issued will not permit any other person to use them.
  • Keys will not be duplicated outside the district.
  • Keys are not transferable from one employee to another. When a key is no longer needed, return it to EPCC PD.
  • All identification/access cards and key requests will be submitted through the channels to the EPCC PD.
  • Lost or stolen identification/access cards and keys will be reported immediately to the EPCC PD.
  • Replacement fee for a lost or stolen key is $10 and $5 for a replacement identification/access card. All fees will be paid at the Cashier's office.
  • Re-keying necessitated from loss of key is $50.

If you have any questions about keys or employee access cards, contact our office at 831-2177.