Q1. What do I do if I see suspicious activity on campus?

Answer: Report any suspicious activity to the Police Dispatcher as soon as possible. The department has a dispatcher on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The emergency number for all campuses is 831-2200. Another alternative is to pick up the bright yellow emergency telephones located in most major campus parking lots. Be prepared to give your name and location, a description of the person you are reporting and be able to describe what is suspicious. Officers will respond promptly to determine if the circumstances require police action. Stay on the telephone as long as possible in case the dispatcher needs additional information or if the officer needs to talk to you.


 Q2. How do I get a copy of an accident/police report?

Answer: Accident reports and police reports are available at a cost of $2.00, payable at any campus cashier office. Upon presentation of cashier's receipt, a copy of the report will be surrendered at the Police Department office.


 Q3. Are drugs and alcohol allowed in the parking lots?

Answer: In accordance with Board Policy 2.01.08, Texas Education Code Section 51.201 and as amended September 27, 1990, the District prohibits the unlawful manufacture, possession, consumption, distribution, dispensation, sale, or use of alcohol and controlled substance, as these terms are defined in State and Federal Law, on all District premises and worksites , or at any College-related activity/event.


 Q4. Is it OK to use the parking lots as meeting locations for car clubs or other organizations?

Answer: You would need to contact the Director of Student Leadership and Campus Life to schedule meetings of this nature at the particular campus you wish to meet. Their main number is 831-2712.


 Q5. If my car is in the shop, do I have to pay for an additional permit?

Answer: There is no fee for a temporary permit. If you so desire, if you are going to use another car for a length of time, you may wish to register that vehicle $15 for a semester and $25 for a year. This way, you do not have to ask for a temporary permit every time you bring that vehicle.


 Q6. If I am visiting the campus, do I need to have a permit?

Answer: All vehicles on campus need to have some kind of permit. As a visitor, you can obtain a temporary permit by going to the Police Department Traffic office at any campus or by asking an officer.