Police Department

 Prepare for Emergencies

An emergency can strike quickly without warning. For you safety, it is important for you to be prepared. Take time to familiarize yourself with your building and the emergency equipment it contains.
El Paso Community College Police Department (EPCC PD) is dedicated to providing the college community with a safe working and learning environment.

Department personnel are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to any campus/center emergency. To report an emergency on campus/center, call (915) 831-2200 or use an emergency telephone (located in most parking lots on the major campuses). Remember, an emergency can result from an accident, tornado, earthquake, bomb threat, fire or other calamity.



  • Students will respond to the evacuation process by following the instructions provided by their instructor, EPCC PD, or other college employees.

  • All A.D.A. students with disabilities will be assisted to safe areas during any evacuation by college personnel. If stranded on an upper level, EPCC PD will be notified.

     In the Event of a Power Outage

    • Contact EPCC PD at (915) 599-1201


    • Staff in labs or offices should secure experiments, activities, or equipment that may present a danger if electrical power is off or if a danger may be created by the return of power at a later time.


     Bomb Threats and Search

    Employees receiving a bomb threat or discovering a bomb or emergency should immediately notify the EPCC PD office, extension 2200.

    Do not evacuate the building. Do not activate the fire alarm.

    If a bomb threat is received by telephone, ask:

    • Why did you place the bomb?
    • When is the bomb going to explode?
    • Where is the bomb right now?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • What does it look like?


    Keep the caller on the phone as long as possible and record the following information for EPCC PD:

    • Time of call
    • Date of call
    • Exact words of person
    • Gender, age
    • Speech pattern, accent
    • Background noises


    If a bomb threat is received by mail, employees should do the following:

    • Not handle envelope or package
    • Leave the immediate area
    • Notify EPCC PD and stop anyone from entering area where the package is located.


    If a suspicious object is discovered, the employee should:

    • Not attempt to touch or move object
    • Evacuate immediate area only
    • Notify EPCC PD and await further instructions


    Evacuations should take place only when police personnel make notification of evacuation implementation

     Natural Disasters

    (Tornados, High winds, Earthquakes, Floods, etc.)

    In the Event of a Tornado or Dangerously High Wind Warning:

    • All occupants should move in a calm, orderly fashion to the nearest stairwell and proceed to the ground floor of the building.
    • Stay away from all glass doors or windows.
    • Do not stand in an entrance or stairwell.
    • All activities should stop.

    In the Event of an Earthquake:

    • Stay in the building - Do Not Evacuate.
    • Take immediate shelter under tables, desks, doorways and similar places.
    • Keep away from overhead fixtures, windows, filing cabinets and bookcases.
    • Assist ADA persons in the area and find a safe place for them.
    • If you are outside, stay outside. Go to a clear area away from building, trees, power lines, etc. 
    • Keep calm and await emergency instructions.

    In the Event of a Flood:

    • If indoors:
      • Turn on a battery operated radio or television to get the latest emergency information.
      • If told to leave, do so immediately.
    • If outdoors:
      • Climb to high ground and stay there.
      • Avoid walking or driving through flood waters. Any swift water is hazardous to your safety.


    Every employee should be aware of the following:

    • The locations of fire alarm pull stations in their areas and how to work them.
    • The locations of exits from their areas. 
    • The locations of fire extinguishers and know how to use them.


    When the building alarm sounds, or you are requested to evacuate by EPCC PD or the Fire

    Department, your responsibility is to:

    • Shut down any experiments, procedures, etc. that should not be left unattended.
    • Extinguish any open flames and shut off any noxious or flammable gas supply valves.
    • Secure any valuables. Purses and wallets should be taken with you when you leave.
    • Close your office or lab door. 
    • Leave the building via the nearest available exit as soon as possible.
    • Department heads/supervisors and faculty are responsible for making sure their areas are clear.
    • Stand well clear of the building (at least 50 feet).
    • Do not reenter the building until advised by the EPCC PD officers.
    • If you see any problem with any of the fire equipment, please bring it to the attention of EPCC PD officers that are on the scene or call 831-2200 to report same.