Frequently Asked Questions

What is developmental educational class?
Better known as a remedial course, developmental education courses are designed to improve your academic skills in the areas of reading, writing and math. The results of the placement exam will determine your need for developmental courses. The grades earned in developmental courses do not calculate in your overall grade point average. Additionally, all developmental courses begin with a zero (MATH 0301) and do not grant college credit.
May I test or re-test in only one or two areas of the placement test?
Yes, you may test in only one or two areas of the placement test. Check with the Testing Center for fees involved.
How often can I take the placement test?
  • ACCUPLACER you have to wait 24 hours
How soon are my test scores available?
  • If you took ACCUPLACER it will take 24 hours to get your scores.
Is tutoring available at all campuses?
PREP services are offered district wide.
Does tutoring involve attending class or a scheduling time?
Tutoring with PREP is computer based and is self-paced.
Is there a limit to how many times I can retest?
No, there is no limit, you can retest as many times as you want.
Can I take the test without tutoring?
Yes, you can take the test without tutoring at your own risk.
Can PREP help me if I am not enrolled in any courses?
Yes, all we need to help you is a student id number. If you do not have this you can obtain one by applying to EPCC at the following website:
Where can I park?
When working with PREP you can park in any student designated parking, all you need to do is ask your PREP advisor for a parking permit.