Office of Student Success


Welcome Students! Congratulations on taking the steps to start and complete the requirements for your degree and preparation for your chosen career. Going to college and the journey to earn your degree is not easy. It takes sacrifice, work, time and dedication.  Many others before you have succeeded and you can too!  So, celebrate the milestones as you complete your degree plan (course catalog) one assignment at a time, one semester at a time.

We are here to help you succeed from entry to graduation!.

Start strong: The Student Success PREP Program can help you improve your college TSI placement scores. Finish Strong: The Student Success RAP Program, SSSP program, and Tutorial Support Services offer free tutoring for your EPCC courses at all five campuses, including the Mission del Paso, Valle Verde, Rio Grande, Trans Mountain and Northwest Campus. 

Tutor services are free and operate on a walk-in , first-come first-serve basis. We offer one-on-one and group tutoring. All tutor centers are open Monday to Friday, some evenings and weekends. (Tutoring and Support Services Locations & Schedule (PDF). For more information please contact the Student Success main office at Valle Verde campus, Building A, Room 2414, Phone 915-831-3377.

Thank you and see you on campus!

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Pretesting, Retesting Educational Program (PREP)

Offers computer assisted Online tutorials to help you refresh & improve your reading, writing & math skills as well as help you improve student college TSI placement scores.


Retention Action Program (RAP)

Provides academic and personal support for students enrolled in Career Technical Education studies, including in AAS (Applied Associates of Science) degrees.



Student Support Services Program (SSSP)

provides academic and personal support for low income, first generation college students from beginning to college completion.


 Tutorial Support Services

Tutorial Support Services


Free tutoring located at all 5 campuses:  Fall and Spring tutoring labs schedule (Tutoring and Support Services schedule (PDF) lists all 5 campus locations. Surf our site for links to each of the five campus tutoring labs: VV, MDP, RG, TM& NW. All tutor labs open M-F, some evenings and weekends. Each campus has a tutoring schedule, resources, study tips & helpful links by subject.


One on One & Small Group Tutoring:  Tutor services are free and operate on a walk-in -first come basis. You are always welcome to seek & receive free tutoring services at any of the 5 EPCC campuses. Enrolled EPCC students receive priority service. Tutors provide assistance with academic and technical subjects in most content areas through individual and small group tutoring sessions at the tutoring lab. Subjects vary by tutor availability. For maximum benefits seek tutoring early in the semester and attend sessions on a regular basis.  Come prepared, have specific questions and the tutors will guide you to become an independent learner. A student must be officially enrolled in a course for which tutoring is requested.


Tutors, Students, Faculty:  We are here to help you succeed and are committed to maintaining excellent service and identifying resources to help you in your dedication. We are working with many professors, a few keep office hours in the tutoring labs. If your professor recommends tutoring we will be ready to assist. If you decide on  your own that you can use some help with a subject come on by we'll do our best to assist.


Become a Tutor: If you are interested in becoming an academic tutor and helping students succeed ask the Manager at any of the five campus tutoring labs and/or check out the tutor requirements (Academic Tutor Requirements). Many EPCC tutors are college students who have mastered the content areas.