Office of Risk Management and Safety (ORMS)

 Contact Information

The Office of Risk Management and Safety is located at 9050 Viscount Blvd.


Risk Manager
Nancy Tharp, CSRM

ASC-B, Room B-280


Fax: 915-831-7838



Workers' Compensation
Martha Alaniz, Workers' Comp Specialist

ASC-A, Room A-122


Fax: 915-831-6340


Safety Specialist

 Ivan Flores

Location: ASC-B, Room B-280

Phone 915-831-6381


Faz: 915-831-7838

 Safety Clerk


 At EPCC, we "Take Safety Home"

Be Healthier at Your Desk:

Have your workstation set up correctly:

(Example (MS Word))

  • Be centered in front of the monitor
  • Have the things you use most (keyboard, mouse, telephone, etc.) easy to reach
  • Have the thing you use least (notepad, stapler, tape dispenser, etc.) further away


While sitting:

  • Change positions
  • Keep feet on the floor or on a foot rest
  • Don't rely on arm rests


Give your eyes a break:

  • Look at the clock or picture on the wall
  • Look at any object far away for a few seconds
  • Look up, down, and to the side without moving your head (don't overdo this exercise)


Stand up whenever possible:

  • While you talk on the phone
  • Walk to get printed documents
  • Walk to put things in the trash or recycle can


Download Computer and Desk Stretches (MS Word) 

And perform them a couple of times a day.



 Safety Information


Hazardous Communication Program (MS Word)

EPCC Safety Manual (PDF)

Safety Data Sheets

Flinn Scientific SDS


First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supply Request Form (PDF)

ORMS maintains over 70 first aid stations

located throughout the District