Office of Risk Management and Safety (ORMS)

 Contact Information

The Office of Risk Management and Safety is located at 9050 Viscount Blvd.


Risk Manager
Name: Nancy Tharp, CSRM

Risk Manager
Location: ASC-B, Room B-280
Phone: 915-831-6444
Fax: 915-831-7838


Workers' Compensation
Name: Martha Alaniz

Workers' Compensation Specialist
Location: ASC-A, Room A-122
Phone: 915-831-6469
Fax: 915-831-6340

Safety Specialist


 Safety Clerk


 At EPCC, we "Take Safety Home"

Be Healthier at Your Desk:


Have your workstation set up correctly:

(Example (MS Word))

  • Be centered in front of the monitor
  • Have the things you use most (keyboard, mouse, telephone, etc.) easy to reach
  • Have the thing you use least (notepad, stapler, tape dispenser, etc.) further away


While sitting:

  • Change positions
  • Keep feet on the floor or on a foot rest
  • Don't rely on arm rests


Give your eyes a break:

  • Look at the clock or picture on the wall
  • Look at any object far away for a few seconds
  • Look up, down, and to the side without moving your head (don't overdo this exercise)


Stand up whenever possible:

  • While you talk on the phone
  • Walk to get printed documents
  • Walk to put things in the trash or recycle can


Download the:

Computer and Desk Stretches (MS Word) 

And perform them a couple of times a day.


Drink plenty of water.


 Safety Information

First Aid Supplies