Office of Risk Management

 Safety Corps

Membership Requirements

  1. Safety Corps members must be an employee of the College. It does not matter if they are full-time, part-time, faculty, or staff.
  2. A desire to promote and assist in matters of safety with a commitment to serve is the criteria for membership.
  3. Employees must attend the Basic Safety Corps member training and a yearly refresher course.
  4. Members should attend other Safety Corps training when possible.
  5. When transferring to another department or moving to another campus or office, the Safety Corps member will notify the Office of Risk Management of the new location.

Member Responsibilities
In case of an emergency or crisis situation, Safety Corps members will assist the EPCC Police Department in the notification and evacuation of visitors, students, and employees by following these steps:

  1. Activate or have the fire alarm activated (unless the emergency is one in which the alarm should not be activated) and alert the EPCC Police at 831-2200 to the nature of the emergency.
  2. Assist with the evacuation process in a safe, calm, and expedient manner.
  3. Check the facility, if safe to do so, to insure all persons have left the building. Assist disabled/handicapped persons, if needed.
  4. Insure that all persons are a safe distance from the building and remain there until further instructed by the PD or Fire Department.
  5. Notify faculty, staff, and students when it is safe to return to the building.