EPCC Promotes Transfer101.org

Transfer101El Paso Community College is promoting a new Web site devoted to simplifying the transfer process from Texas' community colleges to public four-year universities - Transfer 101: From Community College to University.

El Paso Community College through its Career Services Department provides students with information and tools to successfully advance their career transition to a four-year university or college. Strong partnerships have been cultivated with many local, regional and national four-year institutions to assist and increase a successful transfer for all students.

This new website, www.transfer101.org, will improve the pipeline of college transfers to help Texas achieve its goals of producing significantly more college graduates and enhancing its workforce. This interactive site contains user-friendly information and step-by-step instructions on how to successfully transition from community colleges to universities. This transfer tool provides direct links to specific departments within universities, such as student advising, financial aid and transferring and links to other higher education resources.

The "Transfer 101" initiative is a collaborative partnership of the UT System, the Texas A&M University System and the Texas Association of Community Colleges, which is a nonprofit organization that includes all 50 public community college districts in the state.

The Transfer 101 campaign also extends to social media networks Twitter and Facebook, which will be used for announcements and reminders on application deadlines, among other things.

For more information, please visit our Career Services website and click on Transfer101.org.