New Immunization Law

Starting for the Spring 2012 semester, new EPCC students and returning former EPCC students must first show proof of an initial meningitis immunization or booster. The immunization must be administered at least 10 days before the start of the semester and must be within the last five years.


All new students and returning EPCC students who are not enrolled for the Fall 2011 semester must provide proof of vaccination or booster to the Admissions and Registration no later than January 5, 2012.


EPCC students who are currently enrolled and complete the Fall 2011 semester will be waived from having to have the vaccination for the Spring semester.


In accordance with the Bill, some exemptions and waivers are available:  Students age 30 and above are exempt from this requirement.  Students enrolling in online courses only may be temporarily waived from this requirement.  Students with certain medical conditions affected by the vaccine may be exempted.


The College does not provide the vaccine.  The vaccination may be available from your public health care providers or personal physician.


In preparation for the rule, the college is revising the admissions and registration process to include the requirement.   More details will be made available as guidance is received from the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board in Austin.