Video Media Campaigns

 Paid Advertising

To ensure that EPCC stays in compliance with board policy, all paid advertising must go through Marketing & Community Relations for the following reasons:

  • Marketing & Community Relations is the district marketing department.

  • As per college board policy any amount of advertising exceeding $50,000.00 with any advertising entity, during one year period, must go before the board for approval. The Marketing Department initiates contracts with all media entities, in varying amounts, annually.

  • To ensure that we stay in compliance, we request that all departmental advertising be contracted through the marketing department so we do not exceed the $50,000.00 limit without prior board approval.

  • To ensure consistency in board approved tags. (i.e. "The Best Place to Start!", "Your Community Partner")

  • Ensure proper EPCC logo and disclaimer placement.

If your department plans to buy an advertisement in other publications, billboards, bus, airport, television, or radio, please contact Jim Heiney,, at (915) 831-6441.

 Print Ads

Marketing & Community Relations has weekly space in many local periodical newspapers.

If your department has a program or event to advertise, we need at least 3-4 weeks advance notice before the ad goes out.

Please note that registration takes priority and may bump your ad without prior notice.

For more information, please contact Jim Heiney,, at (915) 831-6441.