Math Science Engineering Program

 First Year Accomplishments

Hiring and training tutors at EPCC to assist ECHS students in their Math and Science courses. The tutors are EPCC and UTEP students and they have also interacted with the students during the Bio-Engineering seminars and summer research projects, and have already become effective peer mentors.
Hiring of graduate students at UTEP to assist the students during seminars and research projects as well as assisting in the development of teaching modules using the electron microscope and the 3D Holoprojector.
The Bio-Engineering Seminar speakers have exposed the ECHS to Bio-Engineering fields including Dr. Isabel Cardenas a biomedical engineer from the National Institutes of Health.
One hundred fifteen ECHS students have participated in Science-Fair type Research projects assisted by EPCC Faculty.
Twenty five Early College High School students participated in mini-research projects during summer 2009 and presented their research to a scientific audience. The recipients of first, second and third places (9 students) participated in the Annual Biomedical Research Symposium for Minority Students in Phoenix, AZ in November 2009.
A scanning electron microscope was purchased and installed as planned and has been used for seminar demonstrations and workshops for ECHS and EPCC students.
Renovation of two Science Laboratories is almost complete.
The scanning electron microscope and the 3D-Holoprojector have been installed. The equipment has been used to enhance student learning at both the ECHS and EPCC. UTEP Graduate students benefit as well since they are working with ECHS and EPCC students on developing research and learning activities using the instrumentation.