Rio Grande Library

 Room Requests

Online Room Booking - (May be reserved by EPCC Faculty & Staff only)

You may make tentative or cancel reservations for the Rio Grande Library Classroom and Conference Room.

Please click on name of room desired. Then select one (1) box for each 1/2 hour you would like to reserve the room.

You will receive an e-mail with the status of your reservation.


Please call (915) 831-4019 if you need immediate confirmation of your room request.


Library Computer Classroom (E100D)

Please do not use this form to request library instructional classes, merely to use the classroom and its 41 computers. If you would like library instructional classes, please come in or call to schedule them. (Seats 41)


Library Conference Room Request (E100E)

This room has a computer, TV, DVD, VCR and a separate Smart Podium and projector. Also has a white board.

The library permits beverages in approved containers only but no food.

Room capacity is 20.