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NoodleTools is a web-based set of tools that current EPCC students, faculty and staff can use to assist them in the research process.  Click here or on the NoodleTools image/logo to login if you are on campus.


If you are not on campus, login through our Off-campus access link. It will direct you to the OpenAthens proxy server. Under "Find your organization." type El Paso and select El Paso Community College. This will re-direct you to the MyEPCC login page.


Once you have logged in to NoodleTools for the first time, you must create a free Personal ID and Password.  


Note: Your NoodleTools account will expire at the end of the semester, if you DO NOT continue to be an EPCC student.    

 ACS (American Chemical Society) Style Guidelines

ACS Style Guidelines (PDF) (3rd. edition)

ACS References (PDF) - Taylor & Francis Reference Style


 APA / MLA / Chicago Citing

APA / MLA Citing Print Resources (PDF)


 APA Citing

 ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide

 Chicago-Style Citing

 MLA Citing

 Other Citing Resources