Learning Community

What is a Learning Community Program?

Learning Communities are groups of courses that are linked together by a common theme.  Ideally, learning communities support learning to learn as a social act. Students enrolled will bring the confidence and social energy fostered by membership in the community into the classroom.

  • Participate in a sharing of curriculum and assignments which provides a consistent interdisciplinary experience that promotes a deeper type of learning than regular courses.
  • Students in developmental classes can work on skills and earn transfer credits in some pairings!
  • Develop shared knowledge
  • Actively learn and reflect on your learning
  • Create “links” and apply the objectives of both courses through curriculum and real life experience

Why are Learning Communities Good for Students?

  • Students become part of a community of learners and rely on their classmates for ideas and support
  • Students get an automatic transfer of skills to other courses which allows them to learn their skills more thoroughly
  • Students are able to pair 2 classes that are required for their degree, usually with overlap of assignments or topics, which helps with homework and time management
  • Students are able to get 2 classes that they need to take for their degree together usually with overlap of assignments or assignment topics so homework and time management is not overwhelming
  • Students get practice working in groups through collaboration and projects just like they will in the work force
  • Students make friends!
  • Students learn to think about numerous topics and talk about them in order to learn about themselves and their world
  • Increased intellectual interaction and shared inquiry

Registering for a Learning Community Program:

To register for a Learning Community using online registration, simply enter both CRNs into the Registration Worksheet. If one course in the pair is developmental, enter that CRN first, otherwise it will not add the courses. If you receive the error message “Registration Add Errors” make sure that you have entered both CRNs correctly. If you have any questions please contact a counselor!