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The EPCC Leadership Academy is celebrating almost 11 years of service to College employees with over 450 graduates to-date! The Academy is a one-year training opportunity and program designed to enhance leadership qualities, strengths, and skills of College employees.

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The Academy offers two tracks of training. Track I, Fundamentals of Leadership, is open to all EPCC employees (full-time and part-time), by self-nomination. Track II, Advanced Leadership, is open to all EPCC employees who currently hold positions of leadership, including employees who have supervisory responsibility for at least five employees, who serve as a Faculty Coordinator, who currently serve as officers in an EPCC employee association, or as advisors to student clubs.  Entry into Track II can be gained by self-nomination or by supervisory nomination.  Fundamentals of Leadership graduates are also eligible to participate in the Track II, Advanced Leadership program.
If you seek insight into your own leadership potential, want to network with EPCC administrators, faculty, and staff in fun, interactive workshops  and activities, seek to learn from  influential community leaders and special guests, want to explore your own creative skills, and serve your community, submit  your application to participate in the Class of 2015 Leadership Academy.



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 Dissertation by Dr. William Serrata

Successful Hispanic Male First-Time-In-College Students (PDF):

Experiences That Facilitate Fall First-Term Student Persistence.

By William Serrata

December 2009

 Community College Leadership

Doctoral Dissertation

Community College Leadership Preparation (PDF):

Needs, Perceptions, and Recommendations

Community College Review, 2002

Linda Brown, Mario Martinez, Ph. D., David Daniel, Ph. D.

Summary: Results of a national survey of community college instructional leaders identify the top 10 skills, from a list of 48 skills, necessary for effective college leadership. What skills should hiring committees seek in candidates for leadership positions? What skills do instructional leaders recommend for inclusion in doctoral leadership programs? How can community colleges prepare their own staff for leadership responsibilities? Communication skills are identified as 5 of the top 10 skills needed in providing effective community college leadership.

 Cornerstones of Effective Practice

A Case Study

EPCC Leadership Development Academy

Doctoral Student Dissertation

by Phillip Wayne Neal

The University of Texas at Austin

May 2008


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