Instructions for Off-Campus Access to Databases

 Off-Campus Access

The Online Databases are available to current EPCC students, faculty and staff from computers located off-campus. Extensive testing is required to insure each database link is fully functional. We hope you will report all problems you encounter as you use these databases from your home or another computing location. You will be asked to provide your name and EPCC ID Number to validate your status as a student or employee of El Paso Community College.

The authentication process begins when you select the "Off-campus access" link for the database you wish to visit. You will be presented with a page beginning "Password is required to view this page." Enter your first and last name, separated by one space. If you have more that one first name, such as "Mary Ann", enter the first initial of your first name, a space and your last name. The system can validate hyphenated last names. Enter your EPCC ID Number and click on "Submit" to be authenticated to access your chosen Online Database. If the system continues to request your password, please visit your closest EPCC campus library to have your eligibility confirmed and be included in our library user database.

You may be shown a "Security Alert" display box that says, "
You are about to be redirected to a connection that is not secure. The information you are sending to the current site might be retransmitted to a nonsecure site. Do you wish to continue?" Click on the "Yes" answer. By this time, your encrypted name and ID have been sent to the EPCC Library's server and you have been authenticated as a legal user and are now ready to be sent on to your database of choice. Your personal information does not go further than the EPCC Library's server. This alert is notifying you that you were in a secure mode conversing with the Library's server via an https page and are now going to communicate with a nonsecure database server via a http page.

Supported browsers include Internet Explorer (Microsoft Corp.) from version 5; Netscape (Netscape Communications Corp.) from version 4.5; and Opera (Opera Software ASA) from version 5. If you use a service, such as AOL, and have problems accessing or displaying your chosen database, please try exiting that browser; then starting one of the supported browsers listed above.

Again, please e-mail or call 831-2105 to report problems or leave a comment. Your feedback is essential to the success of this service and we thank you for your input.


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