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Geological Sciences studies the Earth - more than just rocks! Geology studies how the earth formed, geological hazards like earthquakes and volcanoes, the atmosphere, resources like oil and diamonds, water and sand, landslides, and more.

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Students can receive Honors Credit in Geology, but must complete the following:

  • Field Trip: to a museum, or for Celebrate the Mountains, etc.
  • Written work: research paper, web-based project, questions for games.
  • Nonwritten work: Classroom presentation or project, computer application, or review game for other students.
  • Community based work: Volunteer at local schools, or at the Franklin Mountain State Park, or at a museum such as the Science Museum or the Centennial.


 Text Books

Please Note: These are the discipline approved texts. Text books vary by instructor and may change periodically - check with your instructor for the specific book

Earth portrait of a planet
Earth: Portrait of a Planet
1301, 1302

The Good Earth by McConnell & Steer
Some use for 1302

1101 & 1102 labs may be online - access via this website, or for 1101 the Caskey & Harder book or the Abushagur books or Mastering Geology online




1103 Lab book or lab book by Abushagur

The earth through time
The Earth Through Time
1304 or Origins by Redfern at TM


1104 Lab book or the Abushagur book


Geol 1305