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Radiologic Technology

 Program Information and Accreditation

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 Program Goals

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 Program Overview

The Radiologic Technology program prepares students to operate imaging equipment and perform a variety of medical diagnostic procedures. The student radiographer prepares and positions the patient, as well as sets technical parameters for each examination in addition to processing the image for interpretation. The Radiologic Technology program serves as a pathway to advanced related imaging modalities such as Computed Tomography, Cardiac-Interventional Radiography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The program curriculum includes anatomy and physiology, mathematics, fundamentals of radiographic exposure, positioning, radiobiology, and clinical training. For a comprehensive list of required courses refer to the following link: 
Radiologic Technology - Counseling Degree Plan (PDF)

Course Syllabi
Special Notes:
Students must complete special admission requirements prior to enrollment. These requirements may be found at the following link: 
Specialized Admission Requirements (PDF)

 Vision, Philosophy and Mission

RADR Vision statement:
The Radiologic Technology Program at El Paso Community College is committed to advancing the profession of radiologic technology and meeting the community’s need by providing educated, certified and registered radiologic technologists.

RADR Philosophy
The philosophy of the Radiologic Technology Program is consistent with that of the Health Career and Technical Education, Math & Science Division at El Paso Community College. The program meets accreditation standards and community needs by providing opportunities for individuals to become qualified medical imaging technologists. 

RADR Mission
The mission of the Radiologic Technology Program is to improve the delivery of health care by providing the community with qualified medical imaging technologists, continuously monitoring the community need for technologists, updating program curricula, and providing meaningful clinical experiences to help meet the changing requirements of the individual and the medical imaging community.

 Contact information for the JRCERT:

20 N. Wacker Drive
Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 312-704-5300
Fax: 312-704-5304

 Student Learning Outcomes

The Radiologic Technology Program employs two sets of student learning outcomes (SLO).  One set is for the El Paso Community College and the other is for the JRCERT.  Both are periodically assessed to assure program effectiveness.


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 Clinical Information

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 Program Effectiveness Data

ARRT Exam Pass Rate:
The average pass rate for the RADR program over the last 5 years is 97%

Job Placement Rate
For those graduates who were actively seeking employment, the job placement for the five-year total of 68 graduates is 100%.

Annual Program Completion Rate
The annual completion rate for the year 2016 is 87.5%

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 Contact Information

Prof. Christl Thompson


Prof. Buhrmann Gilbert


Prof. Rafael Ramirez


Mr. Francisco Aleman