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Medical Laboratory Technology

 Course Overview

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is an Allied Health specialty that assists with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory testing. The MLT program performs a wide range of routine laboratory procedures on blood and body fluids in hematology, chemistry, immunology, and microbiology. Students work under the supervision of a Pathologist, Medical Technologist, or Laboratory Supervisor.

An Associate of Applied Science is awarded after the student has successfully completed the 66-Credit Hour program. The MLT program is under Specialized admission (PDF).

Please Note: This program is offered in block schedule and is 5-semesters long: Fall, Spring, Summer I or II, Fall, and Spring.

MLT graduates can enter the job market with a wide range of skills and knowledge that enables them to perform routine and specialized analytical testing on blood and body fluids. Laboratory information is essential for detection, treatment and prevention of diseases. Medical Laboratory Technicians may be employed in a variety of settings including hospital laboratories, physician's office laboratories, research laboratories, public health offices, blood centers, reference laboratories, veterinary laboratories, medical sales, and the food industry.

In a large clinical laboratory, the MLT may be assigned to a specific area of the lab whereas in smaller clinical facilities, he or she may rotate through all the areas of the laboratory. The salaries for Medical Laboratory Technicians are competitive with other health care professionals with similar educational credentials. Salary Range will vary according to the supply and demand of the area but will average in El Paso around $34,000 annually.

 Discipline and Faculty Coordinator

Veronica Dominguez


Tel: 915-831-4085

Rio Grande Campus

Room B415