Instructional Programs

 Course Overview

The history concentration is designed to allow students the opportunity to take a variety of courses so as to better understand their world, their nation, and their own local environment.  It will create a foundation that will provide students with the springboard for future research and study.

The history concentration is designed to fit into the two year Associate of Arts Program and to provide students with skills necessary for critical thinking, teaching, writing, and research. Graduates of this program will be prepared to pursue a number of options, including, but not limited to, a four-year degree program, as well as a variety of professionals, including:

  • Elementary and Secondary Education
  • College and University Education
  • Park Service
  • Government Science
  • Social Service
  • Non-profit Work
  • Public History
  • Library and Archives



Note: This course is a curriculum component and does not offer a degree plan.

 District Wide Coordinator

Dr. Albert Burnham

Tel: (915) 831-2274




Dr. Albert BurnhamVV(915)
Aimee Harris-JohnsonVV(915)
Norman LoveRG(915)
Mark NorbeckRG(915)
Dr. George TorokVV(915)
Patrick PynesVV(915)
Dr. David RaleyMdP(915)
Dr. John NelsonTM(915)
Vanessa CamachoTM(915)
Michael GonzalezVV(915)
Dr. Melissa EsmacherNW(915)
Claudia ChaconVV(915)
Jorge RodriguezVV(915)
Jerry D WallaceVV(915)
Maria L Espinoza-SchrockNW(915)