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Fire Technology

 Course Overview

The mission of the Fire Technology Discipline is to provide quality educational programs within the field of fire science that adequately prepares students for a career in the fire service and satisfies: (1) the educational requirements of the various fire service organizations (and related fields) in the community, (2) the needs of the student population, and (3) the educational standards of applicable agencies.

EPCC students, as lifelong learners, are innovative contributors who develop and enhance communities, work places, and human and economic resources of the future resulting in a higher quality of life.


  • Provide educational programs that properly prepare the various student populations for a fire service career, including: (1) students seeking a career in the fire service, (2) newly appointed and veteran fire fighters, and (3) paid and volunteer fire fighters.
  • Provide educational programs that meet the educational requirements of various fire service organizations (and related fields) in the local area, i.e. El Paso Fire Department, Ft. Bliss Fire Department, local volunteer fire departments.
  • Provide educational programs consistent with the various applicable standards, i.e. Texas Commission on Fire Protection, Texas Education Agency, National Fire Protection Association Standards.
  • Provide educational programs that are consistent with current practice, technology, technique, method, and theory, etc.
  • Provide educational programs that are consistent with and transferable to other Associate Degree Programs and Bachelor Degree Programs.
  • Provide adequate facilities and resources to effectively administer the program, i.e. audio-visuals, classroom and lab facilities, fire service equipment for instructional demonstration and hands-on training to effectively satisfy course objectives, etc.
  • Provide an adequate number of course offerings and course locations to meet the needs of the student population and enable students to complete degree plans in shorter time periods.
  • Develop program recruitment media that inform prospective students of the types of courses and degree options available from the Fire Technology Discipline and possible employment opportunities in the fire service profession.

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