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Educational Psychology

 Course Overview

EDUC 1300: Learning Framework is an institutionally designated course that all EPCC students must complete as part of their core requirements for the Associates Degree.

This is a three-hour course that can be completed in one semester. EDUC 1300 is not a program in the traditional sense; rather, it is a college skills course that encompasses a wide spectrum of topics and concepts that enhance student academic and social success in college.

This course is designed to prepare students to manage their professional life from a variety of different perspectives: managing change, critical thinking, time management, goal-setting, conflict resolution, embracing diversity, holistic health, and professional preparation are some of the topics and concepts covered in this course that may be utilized in the workplace.

Since EDUC 1300 is an institutionally designated course, every student has the opportunity to apply its skills and concepts to further their employment potential in any career field they so choose.

Note: This course is a curriculum component and does not offer a degree plan.

 District Wide Coordinator

Michelle Conklin

Tel: (915)-831-8813




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