Instructional Programs

 Course Overview

Dance is a developing program which encompasses the first two years of a four-year Bachelors Degree in Dance. This program gives students exposure to a well-rounded curriculum of ballet, modern, jazz, and ballet folklorico dance techniques; which also introduces students to skills in composition and improvisation as well as to the cultural, historical, and aesthetic aspects of dance. Students are offered opportunities to participate in the rehearsal and concert production process in a variety of informal and formal concert settings.

This program is the first step in training a student in a broad range of dance techniques, performance preparation, historical and aesthetic knowledge, and choreographic skills in order to work in a variety of settings as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher.

This Dance program is two years long, and will incorporate the following courses:

  • Ballet I - IV
  • Ballet Folklorico I - IV
  • Jazz I - IV
  • Modern Dance I - IV
  • Dance Performance I - IV
  • Dance Appreciation
  • Dance Composition

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 District Wide Coordinator

Christina Mitchell

Valle Verde

(915) 831-3237


Rainy Demerson VV(915) 
Stephanie MartinezTM(915)
Christina Mitchell VV(915)