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 Course Overview

El Paso Community College now offers a new, transferable Associate of Science degree. This new degree replaces the previous Associate of Science degree, as well as the traditional majors within that degree. Students can now choose an area of concentration or a Field of Study within the AS degree.

The new degree features blocks of instruction in seven key academic areas which is the 42-hour core curriculum. Once a student has successfully completed all the courses in the core curriculum with an average of "C" or better, that block of courses is fully transferable to any Texas state-supported college or university. The student can earn the Associate of Science degree by completing an additional 20 semester credit hours of elective courses from one or more of the academic areas of concentration or Fields of Study.

Concentration in Chemistry:

The program covers the first two years of the four-year Chemistry curriculum leading to a bachelor’s degree. Students who earn the Associate Degree with an area of concentration in Chemistry may also be eligible for mid-level technical positions in business and industry or admission into health occupational/ professional programs.

Special Notes:
Students should carefully review the new core curriculum and the areas of concentration, meet with an El Paso Community College academic counselor and contact the college or university to which they plan to transfer before choosing an area of concentration or Field of Study.

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 District Wide Coordinator

Dr. Socorro Arteaga

Transmountain Campus
Tel: (915) 831-5044


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