Instructional Programs

 Mission Statement

The mission of Instruction Programs to ensure high-quality courses and outstanding programs in various delivery modes to all individuals who desire to pursue higher education. In addition, the instructional area will provide a wide array of support services to foster student success.

 Instructional Deans

Mission del Paso Campus:

Joshua Villalobos

Northwest Campus:

Dr. Lydia Tena

Rio Grande Campus:

Dr. Eileen Conklin

Gail Meagher

Dr. Paula Mitchell

Transmountain Campus:

Jan Eveler 

Rick Webb 

Valle Verde Campus:

Dr. Carlos Amaya

Blayne Primozich

Valle Verde Campus:

Dr. Myshie M. Pagel

Susana Rodarte

Dual Credit and Early College High Schools:

Tonie Badillo

 Vision Statement

Our vision is to forge a new dynamics in education, paving the way for our future generations at a level of success far more prevalent than years passed.

 Faculty Coordinators (Campus)