Math Course Sequence

Begin by taking the TSIA Placement Exam. If you do not place into the college-level/credit Math course, Math 1314, Math 1324, Math 1332, or Math 1342 your TSIA Placement Score will determine your first Developmental Math course. If you barely miss the cut-off score for Math 1314, Math 1324, or Math 1342 you may be eligible to still take these classes with a support course, NCBM 0114, NCBM 0124, NCBM 0142 to help you with the college-level course. Please see your Counselor.

Path to Math 1342 or Math 1333

  1. College Prep Math - MATH 0301
  2. College Prep Math - MATH 0404

Path to Math 1324 or Math 1314

  1. College Prep Math - MATH 0301
  2. Introductory Algebra - MATH 0303
  3. Intermediate Algebra - MATH 0305

Detailed course descriptions can be found in the online course catalog:


Ivette Chuca
District-wide Math Coordinator
Phone: 915-831-2482